The Time has Arrived.

In the body which has a lot of neurons , 

And in the world made up off morons.
We all are surrounded by jerks ,

Stop asking if being a good person have any perks.
Perks of having a good heart ? Nothing.

If you just took one step towards you , then you destroyed everything.
You are not the only one who’s disowned ,

Because there are people who were never owned.
Stop asking people to owe , 

Because even men can be called as Hoe.
You can not be a player ,

Because you always keep your mind clear.
There’s no reason for anyone to hate , 

It’s just about keeping your intentions good and straight.
Keep your diameters small ,

For those who had broke you all.
Start keeping your eyes sunken ,

Stop pretending like you’re broken.
If it had hit you at it’s core ,

Then don’t let it affect anymore.
You know you are hard to be with and you can be very dramatic ,

That’s why people always leave you high , dry and frantic.
You must have taken stupid decision but you should not regret any of them ,

Because it has taught you a lesson from which you have to learn and grow again.
Follow up the instructions you give to yourself , 

Similarly , brush up the positivities which lies within yourself.
Clean the room , clear all the mess.

Be good , and stop feeling like you’re a badass.
Don’t bound your life with anything ,

Don’t even tie your hair.

Let them get damaged just like everything , 

Keep observing because you are gifted with beautiful eyes as a pair. 
Don’t let sadness make you sad ,

And put even more fruit jam on your bread.
Keep it all clear and be fine ,

Just like the wall separated by lines.
The time has arrived , 

To enjoy the season for which you waited.
Start living for yourself ,

Because everybody has started living for them self.


Rare or Everywhere!

Human beings are everywhere,

But Humanity is rare.
Relationships are everywhere,

But unconditional love is rare.
Pretending nature is everywhere,

But affection is rare.
Smiling faces are everywhere,

But Happiness is rare.
Everybody shows helping behaviour,

Though, Understanding is rare.
There may be thousands of reasons to  make you feel spellbound,

But the memory lane is rarely found.
Best friends are everywhere,

But friendship is rare.
Everybody wants to be together,

But efforts which should be paid are rare.
River of sentiments flows everywhere,

But true emotions are very rare.
You want everybody to be fair,

But you already know that justice is very rare.
Flowers are everywhere,

But Spring season is still rare.
Everybody says they care,

But caring gestures are very rare.
They say they will be there for you anywhere,

But the ones who implements what they say are rare.
Thought processes are everywhere,

But Over thinking is rare.
Over thinking is rare,

But judgemental minds are everywhere.
Autumn isn’t rare,

But dry leaves are still rare.
Colours are everywhere,

But colourful lives are rare.
Monsters are everywhere,

But angels are rare.
Physical presence is everywhere,

But senses and true essence of being with someone is rare.
A pen helps a paper to bound,

But positive thoughts from those notes are rarely found.
Screaming thoughts will always be there,

But to end up with a conclusion for them is very rare.

Surprised Version.

Have a look forward to everyday,

And stop worrying about Yesterday.
For the love which I wanted ,

I could never give them bribe.

But the reaction was so haunted,

Because they choose to kill my vibe.
In the whole wide world , 

I was never all alone.

Happiness with grudges always remained curled,

Darkness, Over thinking, Psychological Stress made me whole.
As the number of lactobacillus in the curd ,

My love was even more than unconditional word.
I did not get upset when I was hired,

But now when I know everything I feel tired.
Pushing the chair ,

Playing with my hair.

For a while , 

I genuinely smile
With a neon ink of pen , 

I wrote something upsetting then.
What I felt was not only pain ,

Because it was being done again and again.
Unwanted thoughts were circulating round and round,

Unfortunately they were teasing the previous wounds.

The emotions which remained untouched,

The flowers which was not plucked.

A little hope in my heart tried to encourage and to force me to break that emotional cage.

As easy as an image to swipe ,

I was holding a handkerchief for the invisible tears to wipe.
For things like this or heart breaks like this have no end ,

Because people have mistaken that doing this all has become a Trend !


Little Annoyed.

Beware , 

Because I love everyone and everywhere.

I don’t take things easily 

I take things deeply.

Even though it wasn’t my cup of tea , 

But still nobody ever let me feel free !

The night was dark and outside it was cold,

I wanted someone to feel me and to hold.
They said that you are gold ,

And on the other hand their actions made me bold.

My expectations from others always remained high 

But I didn’t know that one day they will all lie.

And it will eventually make my heart feel die.

Their cards always screwed my heart,

But for them my heart never kept any dirt.

The sentences which my heart heard

Were no longer made up of any positive word.

I said such things which were quite effective,

But little did I know that they all will take it as offensive.

They thought I am mad,

But I actually I was getting Dead.

Though , it acted like a good sword ! 

I am not actually annoyed.

But my brain feels little boiled.

 If I am not feeling well right now , 

This isn’t anybody’s fault 

Who knows this feeling is just like ‘Wow’

Because this is what life is called.


External Love.

You don’t always need the external love but somehow due to the circumstances , that love becomes the only reason for which you live. External love is not all about loving someone who is not related to you or who is not a part of your family. It could be a friend, best friend and a life partner too with whom you want to spend your life. Generally, An individual do not need the extra ordinary love or a stranger to love him or her and to get attached with the same. For example you will not bother to study the part of syllabus which isn’t coming in your exam. Same way , while you have already got a family even though that family is also a group of few people who lives together since birth and forever. Apart from the myth that only your family can provide you the love for which you crave or one craves. It’s not about the person who loves you or whom you love it’s about how genuine and strong feelings someone can have for you. 

You may be wrong at times, but not always. As things are changing day by day and you are learning how to go throw with them. Everyone’s facing obstacles in his or her life. But for the question that who should be responsible for that or who can be the solution to solve such things at an extent ? The people whom you call a family can’t be a part of your family if they can not understand what’s dying in you. I don’t know why but in a running world , where everyone’s busy in updating their status and interested in outings. I still found the simplest joy and peace at my home. A family is called love just because you can be free with them, you can say what you feel , eat what you want , you can act non sense without having a fear of beings scolded.

People say you can not clap with the help of a single hand , Hence you need the participation of other hand too. While having mood swings and changed behaviour, you don’t expect your loved ones to show the colours of them which you haven’t seen before. You don’t atleast expect from them to leave your hand when you go through and grow through with harsh reality. Why would you need the other person to love you when you already have a bunch of people who can love you more than anyone. They can’t boy caught you. They can’t make you feel cornered. They can not bully you for all time. They can not make you feel low. Actually If you still believe in all those things which I mentioned above then you might be wrong. When they stop feeling the same way as you do or they never did but you had a misconception about that. Nobody can prove their loved ones wrong and why would someone do that? But the fact is things are changed now. So , internal people and external people can hurt you the same. The way active and passive both ways of smoking can be injurious to health , Anyone can break your heart. When you find the doors of their hearts closed for you and you need to remind about your presence then you should understand that things are going on a different path. 

And then you start looking forward for the love , the affection, that over caring and over protective nature and that each and every thing which you deserve but you can not have. Some of us tends to accept it as a weak point and ends up being supported by unnecessary things which can be drugs, alcohol, cigarette and that every stuff which provides euphoria. Taking help of something which will temporarily heal your wound , but will eventually destroy your physical health too because you are already mentally ill. This doesn’t provide any feeling of satisfaction though, instead you should find someone who can be your support system and whose you can support too , and the one whom you can love and who can love you till the point where you will no longer remember what you have had in your life in past times ! 

A relationship or best friendship isn’t always fake or cheesy but sometimes it turns out be the only reason for which you can do anything. You don’t literally search for people like this but if you have got an opportunity to be loved by someone who was once a stranger who treats you like his/her family then you are going good. You can not change people’s perspective and out anything , all you can do is keep doing things which makes you happy. We , all the teenagers are not stupid enough that we will take every single step irrelevant or unacceptable for us or for the society as well. 

Being with someone whom you can genuinely tell each and everything is rare and somehow you got the intuitions by yourself not always but most of the times your heart knows what’s good for you or what’s bad ! Because you all know the consequences of the decision you are following whether it’s right or wrong. But for that external yet true love , if you you have already found someone who feels the same for you then hold his or her hand tightly and promise them you won’t let them go. Everyone in this huge world is craving for love and that love which has died in you will automatically get renewed and it will be beneficial as well as fortunate. Everyone is a little broken from inside and when your so called loved ones , family members and your best of friends have tried to leave you alone and not bothered if you’re Okay or not then don’t be miffed about it. Perhaps, Be the one who believes in joining the broken parts in such a way that no one will ever know about if it was broken or not , except for being the one who even tries to shatter the broken parts. Someone’s dying to be a company on whom one can rely , make them realise their worth.
” Don’t crave for the love which you can give someone, Because that someone is also craving for that love.”

~ Undisturbed Teenager.


Mom, You’re love.

If you have got a mom, You are already a blessed soul. People die to be surrounded by their mother and if you have got that opportunity then you have felt the peace of living in heaven from so close. Okay, I whole heartedly agree that God can not be present everywhere that’s why he has created ‘Mom’. She has always been the goddess in their children’s life. I don’t know why but I can’t thank her enough for whatever she has done to me and I will always be highly obliged about that. She has been the only source of strength when things were wrong. She has been the positivity and has always enlighten the hope in all negative situations. She has always tried her level best to mend my heart whenever I had felt heartbroken or disheartened. Nevertheless, She is an angel to me in all possible ways but Do angels forget to ask about if their child is Okay or Not? 
Even though She knew it since beginning that I will be hard to be dealt with but she still gave me the upbringing which is now acting as a hurdle to continue the race of my life. I can’t adore her enough for being there by my side when I needed her or not. But now when I have grown up and I’ve started taking things deeply, I realised that things were not the same anymore. The ocean which doesn’t seem so deep but actually is very deep. The world is so colourful yet  colorless. Sadness in the happy moments. I never realised that why didn’t i need anybody to share something or to intentionally ask someone like Hey? Will you listen to me for two minutes, I wanted to share something important with you. Maybe , I found that platform at my home itself and the company was my Mom ! I never needed anyone as much as I needed her to be with me. Maybe, now she expects more from me. She wants me to act mature and she wants me to handle things with more concern and understanding. She also wants me to enhance my life values like she has forgotten that I have got all the qualities from her only. But Has she forgotten that a child always remains a child for her mother ? Why did she stop asking me about how was the day or what did i do whole fucking day ! Okay, I know people get matured with time , but Mom ? No ! She didn’t change and she won’t change. She is someone who defines the word ‘Constant’. I know I am in my graduation and I am or I should be busy with my studies but that doesn’t mean I don’t need her anymore ! Like seriously? I don’t even know how to tie my shoe laces till now. I get pissed off when I feel surrounded by fake people and when the day ends and I return back to home , My only wish which my heart wants to fulfil is to sit for a while and talk about everything with her. Even though my head is drowning in it’s rubbish thoughts still I find some sort of peace just by sitting with her. Sometimes , I have headache and mood swings but still I wish to talk and to share stuffs with her because she is the cure to my every pain. Moreover, I love gossiping with her which is being missed now.

Surprisingly, Everything which I mentioned before isn’t real now ! I can’t help it anymore and even she can’t. Maybe I am wrong this time , but things have changed. I have become even more weak, I get hurt easily , Tears come across my eye’s automatically like someone’s peeling off onion in front of me. I know she is tensed about me too but why did she choose to keep it in her mind only? I am still understanding that She needs rest , she needs love, she needs time but I need that too. She is my first best friend. I guess She has mistaken that by Being in a phase where focusing on my studies is even more important than to talk to her , then she is wrong ! Literally wrong. Her support has always been the best guidance for me everytime than how can I think about taking the very first step towards my career like this. She must be depressed and stressed about all this but her behaviour towards me is telling me another story every day. I know we shout at those whom we love the most but for now my most of the days are starting and ending up listening to things which I’ve not done , and being scolded for words which I have not spoken. Being scolded for not eating the tiffin box and for skipping dinner usually, For not sleeping at nights and for waking up late in the morning! Although, She didn’t ask me the reason neither she wants to know about the reason behind all that. I ain’t saying she’s the one behind all this. She isn’t the culprit. She can never be. She is the sweetheart and she can never do anything wrong. I guess I am taking things in a different way and I am thinking too much. Perhaps I can’t help it.

Those sleepless nights are provoking me to think , write and feel all these things. Those tiffin boxes and the dinner which I have skipped has made me feel starved and I feel like I have not eaten anything since time but I still feel that feeling of fullness when I see you eating peacefully. Those mornings when I couldn’t wake up early because I didn’t sleep whole night but I still found some satisfaction by seeing you sleeping comfortably while roaming aroud here and there. Those words for which I am being scolded are not always accurate. But my heart breaks into small pieces and those small pieces can’t be put together to mend it again and that happens just by a sudden increase in your pitch while shouting at me for not answering you the questions which are not acceptable. I had never created any negative image of yours in my mind because I can’t do that. I don’t believe in God but I believe in You. And i can’t doubt my God , Can’t doubt on your worth. What I only want from my life is to gift you the happiness which I have got from you. I don’t know about others but you and your happiness is a priority to me. I can never be rude to you , I can never shout at you and I had not shouted at you ever because that will eventually hurt me. I can’t make you sad , can’t see you sick , can’t tolerate a single drop of tear from your eye because that affects me so badly. The only thing which I would like to say is I can see and can visualize your pain or all the activities which you have done , which you’re doing or will be doing up next just by seeing in your eyes. I wish if you could read or if you will pay efforts to ask about what do i do with a pen and my diary all the time. No, I don’t study all the time but I am not making fool of you at same time. I always want to show you what I write , what I do in my free time , and for which everybody praises me but I need to be praised by you. Something really stops me from doing so , from asking you to if you’re interested in reading all this bullshit or not. But from now onwards these words are the only thing which can explain you everything about me and can make your eyes wet just by reading them all.

 Alright, Wiping my tears off and will do the same for you whenever you will ask me about this will realise the tears and pain i had shed on your behalf because I will not get the love from anyone. I owe you for every little thing which you have done to me. Now , Bye with a Heavy heart ending it all here. Today’s bucket of thoughts is empty now and also you will start calling my name again and will keep shouting until I will reply you with a slow voice. And Yes ! I know you love me a lot. I don’t know where did I go wrong but I am sorry if I have ever hurt you intentionally or unintentionally.
I love you Mom ! 
~ The Unspoken Heart.


Music ~ The Stress Buster ! 

If you will give your heart to music , it will never break your heart. When you can trust human beings which can never be yours or can never behave like human beings at specific time even though they have got the privilege that they can feel everything then why can’t you trust music which will never leave you alone. Perhaps, music is the only partner of an individual in its good and bad times. One can talk about what his or her heart wants to say without even using any word or expression because the lyrics are goddamn similar to the current mood. You love to express what you feel by lyrics because that’s the most powerful sword of all time so that it won’t hurt anyone although will make your heart feel a little better than before. The only option which is indeed helpful when your heart is broken, and which can mend it again beautifully like it was never broken. It’s not about the lyrics but it’s more about the rhythms and beats which somewhere matches with your life’s rhythm and that’s why music sound even better and then the extra music which is added in the song is to cheer you up so that you won’t get back to the previous mood when the lyrics stills , and then comes the lyrics ! The Lyrics , not a bunch of simple words put together and makes a poetry but a thousand number of emotions which it carries within. You won’t ever understand what the lyrics mean if you have not tried to understand them because we live in a world where everything happens for a reason then how could the lyrics be so useless. Your time is so worthy , if you invest it in listening to music which is very close to your heart. And it is close to your heart because first the lyrics divides your heart in pieces and it gives you pain , sometimes that pain causes an irritation in your eyes and brain and comes up with the itchiness and warm tears , while on the other hand the next one is containing such emotions which can lighten the will power of the broken heart. And that’s how the story continues. You don’t usually put repeat mode on , but when you do and you listen to something which means alot to you and that specific line for which you wait to reach in the session of five minutes. When you force the ear phones even hardly so that nothing will bother you for a while and you can listen it up with more concentration. It doesn’t feel any discomfort to make yourself sad if you already know that music can help you to reduce pain. 

Relief in pain is the only thing for which everyone’s suffering and that pain is getting increased by each day passing through, that each and every grudge which you hold , that each and every word which you have confined in your heart and that every line has written in your brain with Bold Words will one by one tease you like anything. The way you fold your blanket when you wake up in the morning to clean up your room , music folds each and every page of your life in an instant in front of you. A clear of view of things which you don’t want to see , but you want to think. Slowly slowly your pages will come to an end as you’re watching a movie and the climax is  about to come. Same way the way you have folded the blanket and has put in a particular place , music helps to put back the pieces which are lost and are shattered and eventually will keep that in a safe zone so that it will only come out when you will listen to something which is even hurtful. 

To reduce stress and forget about everything, Music has always topped. When you are travelling and you have nothing to do then music has always been there apart from driving or just seeing the external view , You would love to be surrounded by musical environment. Though, it can enhance your mood and can generate the energy which can’t be generated even after having drugs ! That happiness , craziness and some sort of  satisfaction. And your hands begins to move in the way the want. This all will spontaneously switch your mood and make your heart feel like you have done the world tour in two minutes. Whether , not about travelling even if you’re writing and having good music taste then also it will help you alot. Just by doubling on to what you have already written becomes interesting , it adds another flavour in everything, every normal stuff becomes so special for a while and you start visualising things like you never did. Even though it’s a misconception but if it makes you happy then go for it. Do what makes you happy is the only goal which you should have after making others happy. And adore what helps you to evolve. It’s better to listen something which touches your heart except for the things which hurts you and pushes you in the room whose door you have locked and the keys are lost. Stay tuned , Stay connected to music and you will not be regretful for this time I promise. Non living things don’t hurt you, Living things does. Addiction of something which melts your heart and still doesn’t becomes your addiction is a blessing. If you will love music , Music will give you thousand number of reasons to love it.

Music ~ Favorite Stress Buster.