Old Soul. 

And the day she was born…

If I am not wrong that was probably the only day when she cried like anything in front of everyone.

Because after that things got changed and those things teared her apart.

Shining face, kind eyes, good heart, real smile made her whole.

Since childhood She has been a part of a war everyday.

She faced new ups and downs everyday.

She made herself strong by each day passing through.

And yes!

Just to ignore such things She tried to protect herself and to stay away from things which are not made for her.

That’s why ,

She loved to go school everyday.

Not because she was so intelligent or something like that.

But she wanted to invest all her time on something which is worthy enough for her importance.

And as She’s also a human being so  she loved to spent time with people who loves her back as she does.

She always loved people more than they deserve and somewhere in her heart she always had a hope that People will adore her way of loving them and will understand how much efforts she has paid to stay connected or to make other people happy.

Slowly but gradually her life was going little fast than others.

Everyday of her life was telling her a new story and  She was experiencing a new lesson everyday.

She started facing obstacles in her life.

Ya ! That’s very common.

Every individual faces obstacles in their life but,

She didn’t face the problems which deserve neither the easy peesy lemony juicy one.

The problems in her life was giving her a bunch of reasons to Hate her life and hate everything present around her.

I mean she was just 5 or 6 years old and She realized how rude and blunt her parents are.

How could her parents easily be so partial with her and her brother?

How could they say that who’s better between both of them.

Even though,

Everybody knew that she’s far better than her brother.

Her brother wasn’t a bad boy although but also he never gave a fuck about how she is  being treated or something like that.

And not because It was about her brother so they treated her like this it was because She had different perception and opinion about life and things.

She was like a bird who always wanted to fly over the sky but her parents somehow stopped her from doing so and provided her a cage of rules and regulations which she had to follow without any choice.

At that time,

Nobody could understand what was cooking in her mind.

Actually nobody could ever understand the way she has been broken and been disappointed not even her so parents or loved ones.

Though her parents always found many reasons to love her brother even more than her.


She was a girl whom someone will love to love.

In front of the society or other unknown people she was loved by everyone even by her family members but She never wanted that love!

She never asked anything drom her parents except for their time and such kind words of appreciation.

But still she wanted somthing different  which can make her realize that she is really worthy.

Even if nobody loved her , She didn’t change her path and loved people unconditionally.

Not because She was an idiot but because She loved to love people.

Secrets of that girl was in her every cell.

Everybody has got sentiments but nobody took a moment to feel the way she feels.

Nobody ever tried to ask her whether she’s Okay or Not.

Her each and every word hold a secret.

Even her closed one or so called friends does not know her so well.

You know why?

Because she has had lots of problems which made her realize that the only person who can take stand for her or can help her out wass only her.

She alway tried to deal woth her issues and with her anxiety.

So ,

She did not get enough time to share anything with anyone.

And even no one bothers to know as well.

And now she is just an old soul. ^.^


Happiness Is Everywhere! 


It’s not all about laughing out loud on the funny jokes, 

But it’s about bringing a smile on someone’s face by helping them. 

It’s not about physical happiness,  but something which lies within. 

It’s not about finding a reason to be happy but about being happy for no reason. 

Happiness is not something which you can buy from a shop near by you,  but it is those simple joys of life which costs for nothing. 

From the moment you wake up till the moment you go to sleep,  You experience a lot of things daily. 

You come across with very ” Hahaha” moments daily. 

But,  What really matters is that Are you really happy or you’re just pretending to be so. 

When you go out to start up with your daily schedule and you find an old man crossing the road with an unease,  for no personal benefits but you eventually hold their hand and ask them to walk by your side so that they can reach to the other side safely. 

And that smile which they will pass.. 

Yes that’s happiness. 

Just for an other example ,

You move further and sees a little girl asking you to buy her some food because she not eaten anything from a long time,  again just for your satisfaction you will buy her some food and Somewhere it will feel like that it’s you who was hungry not her. 

The way she will eat and the blessings she will give you after that. 

Yes that’s happiness. 

Moving further, 

Those street dogs,  Who just wants some love and affection from you. 

Those trees,  plants and other surroundings which you see daily but never thank them to exist. 

Yes they too play an important role in our life. 

Those people,  gatekeepers, maids,  Watchman, policeman,  and everyone for whom we never gets time to thank them for whatever they are doing for you. 

From picking someone’s lost pen to telling someone about directions. 

From providing someone hotspot to finding happiness by teasing your friends. 

From talking to your family members about something you want to do to talking about the same topic with your batchmates and wondering that are you people going on a right track ? 

Those giggles which you have when you see something amazing, 

That awkwardness which you feel when things get weird, 

Those butterflies which you get by making someone happy, 

Those curves of smile which appear when something hits you so so so deeply, 

Helping Others, 

Providing love to others, 

Greeting people with more love, 

Serving happiness at your level best, 

All over Happiness is all about seeing things and taking them in such a manner like no one can ,

Because happiness is not about the expenses Instead it’s all about the simple joys of life. 

*Treasure those happy moments.*

*They are the real gems. *

Lotus Of Dreams!!  

Dreams’ the purpose of thinking about fulfilling our wishes or seeing the things happen which you have planned earlier .

Dreams can be compared with a flower ” Lotus ” always bright, facing upward,  Needs the worst environment to grow on, Literally different from the chaos,  Still it grows and found to be the most beautiful and loveable flower of our country. 

Human life is all about dreaming .

In which some may do over thinking which is actually bad at some point. 

Well,  While talking about dreams we can’t forget or deny the fact that yes we are also having some dreams and waiting and working for them to become true.

 Dreams are actually the first step to become successful,  because if we won’t start dreaming about something we really wanna achieve then we can’t have them ever. 

As soon as we start understanding things the way we are supposed to do We get to know that We need to set the goal if we wanna achieve something. 

If we wanna live a happy life with satisfaction then we need to look out for our dreams, we need to think out of the boxes,  We need to dream big every day. 

Every day means, 

Whenever you are dreaming of something it’s not about one day or just a moment that clicks like Oh yes!  I should do this,  Or by just a blink of eye You feel like you should not do that. 

We need to be strong enough if we need to be satisfied with whatever we are doing right now. 

We need to pay efforts, If we wanna get served with joys and Most probably wanna fulfill our dreams. 

Life is nothing without dreaming something and not only dreaming but having the gut feel of doing something which other people wish to do and most of them fail to do too. 

We see dreams just to make them happen real. 

And it demands for your hard work, Your zeel and Your interest and then you can get anything what you want. 

Nothing is impossible, 

Everything is possible, 

And dreams only make those things happen with your help and your efforts. 
Dream Big! 

Live more! 

Think out of the boxes! 

Chase your dreams! 

Follow your passion! 

Be consistent with your dreams, 

So that you will make them true one day.

       Teenage life! 

I feel like crying….

In teenage life, we feel like having tears in our eyes, without any reason we feel like cry.

Didn’t you feel so? 

In every other moment, it feels like this only. 

Our mood becomes off like hell. 

We dont  love to talk to anyone. We don’t want friends and parents anymore in our life. We think that we have that level of capacity that we can survive alone. 

And if not.

So better commit suicide.

Didn’t you think about this ever ?

I am sure once in a while You must have thought of doing this. 

And if not yet…then surely in future.

In other spilt of second, we become happiest and starts enjoying our life to the fullest. 

We want more and more love. We feel like what if we will never ever die? We need friends as more as we can. We just wanna stay happy and have fun. Thats it.
Now. May be the question arises in your mind that what about the intelligent children or introvert? 

Some are like they dont give a fuck.

And some are depressed kinda.

The most complex kinda children are either  who study a lot and dont talk to anyone in class or you can say introvert.

I tell you the reason being, They do want love and friends. But their surrounding dont allow them to have so. Their typical parents expects too much from them. They be like if our child will make friends and do fun then he/she will completely destroy his/her life. They dont let the child live his life to the fullest.

I am not exactly blaming parents.

I know they do care about their child and whatever they do for them, is always correct. (According to them).

Socitey think that in teenage life children become annoyed, introvert, depressed, lonely or blah, blah , blah!!!

The child have mood swings.

Terrible mood swings!!

Everyone has their own opinions about teenage. 

Teenage life is so precious time of a person. 

And that’s being destroyed by many reasons in today’s reality. 

 But honestly according to me,

  Thats all a matter fact how one’s parents had been treated them. 

  The behavior of one teen  depends on their parents.

  I am not at all criticizing parents.

 But they are like this only. Cant do anything about this. I dont know why but they did not even tried to feel their child. You may not agree with my of opinions but think about that I am right.

In short,

Be bold, to accept whatever your teenage life throws at you. 

Thats all a matter of how you lived your teenage life. 

It’s not about a Human Being, It’s  about Being Human. 

Human life,  is itself a very big term to be described by few strings of words. 

We all are human,  

We live everyday, 

We eat everyday, 

We hope everyday, 

We face different people, different issues, different experiences everyday. 

But the question which arises is that Is everybody is just the same?  

There is no such difference in anyone? 

A Big No. 

We only belong to same group of organisms,  but the reality is We are damn different from each other and that difference is not all about height / Weight / Complexion or any other physical appearance but it’s about how they feel?  How they exist ?  

How they think?  and most probably How they live and How they are doing as a Human being in a phase called ” Life ” .

Everybody has got some sentiments,  emotions and it’s our duty to respect everybody’s opinion and perception. 

But Guess what?  

Most of us, tends to forget this. 

At a point, 

People used to forget that they are living a life in which they are only supposed to complete an interval over here by helping, caring  ,loving,  living and not by just existing. 

Who has come has to be gone one day ,

So by taking this in our mind we should take a moment to think about our existence in those people’s life by whom we are surrounded for so long. 

We should Thank every little gesture and joy served to daily. 

We should be thankful to everyone for whoever is doing whatever with us, 

it’s  just about different minds and we need to understand that mindset. 

Every negativity can turn into positivity if we will try to do so and every positivity can turn into negativity after a point. 

We are blessed enough to have a life, 

not just a life, but

Life of a human being .

So let’s just not waste that by just few pitty mood swings, Arguments, Holding grudges or having skme personal issues. 

You have a life as an experiment whose only aim is to be a good human being. 

Stop thinking like you are blessed to get a life of human being instead start living life of a being Human. 

And if you have understood the difference between human being and being human then You have almost done Understood the meaning of your life and the value of your life. 


It’s not only the time when we reach on the teenage or begins to seem more younger and better than we were before. 

Is maturity all about this?  

Maturity,  Is it only the looks?  

Only if you do sensible things and take serious steps towards something then you are mature? 

Are we really satisfied with this? 


A short word with a bunch of meanings. 

When we speak about something, when we think about something, when we take care of something and then when that special feeling literally gets lost for a while or something really heart breaking happens to us for a moment. 

Some tends to act very serious, 

Some tends to act like they don’t give a fuck, 

And Some listens everything, notice everything, understands everything, 

Still choose to stay calm, humble and hopeful not for being served with joys and happiness freely but for waiting for the exact  moment when they can put their opinion on. 

When people will listen to them, 

When everyone will agree with whatever they say. 

That’s maturity. 

Not just acting like a mature person, Forms an image of a mature person. 

It’s  something which can only be achieved by being  immature for some situations .

Because not every situation needs our attention, 

Not every argument needs an explanation, 

Not every sad memory is to be hold on like a grudge for years. 

It’s all about being immature and taking things in such a way that even a mature person couldn’t take. 


Matureness is described by the sense of humour and the reaction of an individual for the upcoming ups and downs not by the Age or something else. 

 The phase of love!

Whenever this word comes into our mind it just baffles our all the body part and most probably heart. Love?
What do you think it really is ?
A feeling? An emotion? Or something which can be described so easily by some strings of words. Not exactly!
Love is something which can only be felt deep inside.
Love is the pleasure ,the blessing and that gesture which only meets an individual a single time in his or her life time. When the person who means nothing to you suddenly becomes the most important person present on the planet. When you start thinking about them even if it’s necessary or not. When you become selfless.
When everything about them turns literally very special.
And when their presence makes you feel special.
When they feel you wanted, when you feel that you can do anything for them without expecting anything in return. When you start making every moment a special one and when you owe them for everything they do for you. That feeling, and that moment just clicks you that Yes!
This is the moment!
Life stops for a moment and even those potty stuffs which counts for nothing becomes priceless. Your heart skips a beat and you start loving the person like anything. And that love is reserved for your life partner.
Life partner !
Woaahhhh, yes .
Well, it’s about what I feel about love?
And I had never felt so for someone but I will be more than happy whenever I will feel this for someone. And you?
You say?
Are you feeling something like this for someone?
If yes?
Then you’re truly a blessed soul my dear because love is one of those delightful treats which is not just so common. Not everybody could love so deeply.